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Giesswein Shoe Review

Shoes from the Austrian company Giesswein are in our opinion something very special. The traditional family business is already managed in the 3rd generation and it is clearly visible that the third generation is taking the company to a whole new level. Here we would like to introduce you to some of the newer models with which Giesswein has been able to build up a new fan base worldwide.

Giesswein Merino Runners

giesswein merino runners
With the Merino Runner, which was launched in 2017, the current spirit of the times has been accurately captured, combining a modern shoe with traditional materials. A sneaker made of merino wool was the result. Light, air-permeable and temperature-regulating. Warm in winter and cool in summer. We tested the shoe very early (on our trip to Australia) and would like to introduce our Giesswein Merino Runner Test to you here.

Cast wine Merino Runner children

Giesswein is known by many people for its slippers. Especially children love the slippers from Giesswein. The demand for the Merino Runners especially for children was therefore so overwhelming that Giesswein published a corresponding version of Giesswein Merino Runner for children shortly afterwards. This version uses Velcro fasteners instead of the classic sneaker laces.

Giesswein Merino Wool Knit

giesswein merino wool knit
Meanwhile, Giesswein offers the Merino Runner, which has the word Runner in its name but is a classic sneaker, also in other variations. The Giesswein Merino Wool Knit Sneaker is just as popular as its predecessor. But many people ask themselves where exactly the difference to the original Merino Runner is. We have therefore also purchased this shoe directly and subjected it to extensive testing. We also analyzed the difference between Giesswein Wool Knit and the Merino Runners and came to a clear conclusion, as you can read in our Giesswein Wool Knit Test.

Cast wine Merino Wool Sneaker

In 2020, Giesswein took the original Merino Runner a little further and released it as a pure Wool Sneaker. Thanks to a thin layer of 3 D stretch merino wool and an EVA sole, the sneaker is extremely light at 160 grams. But in our opinion it is especially suitable for the summer, while the Merino Runner can be used all year round without any problems. A detailed Giesswein Merino Wool Sneaker experience report we will write here.

Cast Wine Merino Wood Sneaker

With the Wood Sneaker, also released in 2020, Giesswein is now once again breaking new ground and processing soft eucalyptus fibres instead of merino wool. Otherwise, the sneakers remain true to their trend: they are light, very comfortable, breathable, temperature-regulating and available in many trendy colors. We are currently wearing the Wood Sneaker and will certainly publish a field report about this shoe here soon.